Interview: Getting Strange But Nice With Step-Panther

Music Feeds recently had the pleasure of catching up with Steve from Sydney indie rockers Step-Panther just one day before they were set to drop their highly anticipated sophomore effort, Strange But Nice. We kicked things off by asking about the wait between their 2011 debut full-length and the second album.

“We just had to play a lot of shows. We did an EP in between,” Steve explains. “It just sort of ended up getting done… We were trying to finish it before the end of last year, but it just took a bit longer.”

As Steve tells us, no one in the band was worried about the dreaded ‘second album curse’. “We weren’t really thinking about the first one or anything,” says Steve, “it’s just happened [that we] got these songs together at this time and we just put it out.”

“It’s a little bit nicer [laughs] I’d say a little stranger,” says Steve of the new album. “We held back on being too aggressive, so if there was an opportunity to do something, instead of being really heavy or playing harder, we eased off and just went in softer, more odd directions.”

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