Interview: Gin Wigmore – Commercial Success

Gin Wigmore recently passed through town as she continues to circle the globe behind her single Man Like That, a song you may recognise from that Heineken commercial featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

For fans of Wigmore it probably comes as little surprise that Man Like That was chosen for the Bond-injected ad campaign. Lifted from Wigmore’s 2012 LP Gravel & Wine, the entire record invokes images of a character who plays by their own rules. As Wigmore revealed, she took a cinematic approach to Gravel & Wine, influenced by the 1950’s film The Night of the Hunter and writer/director Quentin Tarantino.

Although for wider audiences Man Like That is now linked to the debonair character of Bond, Wigmore still associates the song with a former partner whose shortcomings inspired the cautioning tale. For Wigmore the original intent of Man Like That still rings true, and despite the glitz and glamour of having walked the red carpet, the straight-shooting New Zealander still comes across as colloquial and charming.

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