Interview: Good Heavens – “We’re Always Certain About What We’re Doing”

Pieced together using some of Australia’s finest musical talent, Sydney three-piece Good Heavens is ex-Wolfmother members keyboard/bassist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett fronted by the delightful Sarah Kelly. The group are currently one of the most interesting local bands to watch following the release of their debut album, Strange Dreams, and Kelly was kind enough to stop by Music Feeds Studio to explain why this is the case.

As Kelly explains, allowing the label to create the band is a much different process than usual. “It takes a little while to settle in together” as opposed to the standard way of befriending one another in high school, which seems to be the done thing these days. But two years down the track, the bonds have started to form.

Creating the band in this way gave them an instant purpose to get cracking on their debut album, says Kelly. The songs had all been thought up and written so the focus was already there come their first jam together. “None of the other stuff got in the way, like whether or not we were best friends” the vocalist explains.

Recently, the band dropped their latest clip for You Lose, which saw them team up with the great mind of SPOD. The final product is dark, ominous and everything Good Heavens wanted. On account of the success felt from You Lose, the band will be putting their energy towards the tital track off their debut album, Strange Dreams.

Apart from the new clip, it looks as though the band have touring on their mind, suggesting a cheeky east coast run. Already they’ve begun work on the follow up to Strange Dreams, implying that we can expect some new jams from Good Heavens towards the end of the year.

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