Interview: Harts – On Keeping Up The Momentum After Jamming With Prince

Melbourne based musician Harts has had a dream year, not only releasing his debut independent album Daydreamer but also catching the attention of the one and only Prince.

“He was completely down to earth, he’s humble. And it was really hard to get a word in, in this conversation on the phone,” explains the one-man music-making machine from Melbourne. “I was just so star struck, I didn’t want to interrupt him.”

“It’s been an amazing year to be honest and I can’t believe the success that I’ve had,” he continues. If receiving a phone call from The Purple One wasn’t exciting enough, Harts explains he then got to meet him in person for a one on one jam.

Not content to rest on the success of his independent debut, Harts has gone on to already release another single and has no plans on stopping the momentum. “The album was my starting point where I saw my music can start from in terms of style,” he explains. “I have to keep that momentum going and keep building and keep writing more material.”

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