Interview: How To Dress Well Talks Realist Music And Love’s Big Questions

Tom Krell, aka PBR&B singer-songwriter How To Dress Well, was recently in the country to perform at Sydney Festival and Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain. During his time down under, Krell took some time out to talk Music Feeds through his “realist” third album What Is This Heart?, which was released in September 2014.

Compared to his 2012 album Total Loss, Krell explained his latest offering was the result of much thought about directness and the effect of emotions.

“The main difference for me between the two records is that I started thinking a lot about directness,” he said. “We talk about genre in books, like realism versus fantasy and things like this, and I started thinking a lot about what it would mean to do a realist record. So that’s where a lot of the directness came from for me personally, just wanting to do something that felt more like a person was right there doing this to you.”

Krell also mused over some of loves big questions — “Why do we love? Why do we invest so much of ourselves in other people? Why do we have these different kinds of love?” — which have all shaped his musical output.

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