Interview: Howling Bells Talk Whiskey, Wisdom And Returning To The Sound Of Their Debut

Howling Bells‘ latest record Heartstrings is being described similar to their self-titled breakthrough album released in 2006 with the band noting that it’s something fans have immediately picked up.

While in Australia for a short tour the band had a chat with Music Feeds saying, “there’s been a discussion that it’s perhaps a throwback to our very first record.”

The album was recorded under the guidance of producers Alan Moulder and Catherine J. Mark. Moulder has previously produced for The Killers and Depeche Mode while Mark has worked with Foals and PJ Harvey.

Guitarist Joel Stein said that having them around really helped with the nerves that come with releasing a record. “If they’re behind you it kind of settles the nerves a little bit. If people who are that high up on your scale are really supporting you it really helps.”

When asked what the producers give the band apart from nerve-relief Stein joked, “very old whiskey.” He then elaborated on that adding, “wisdom”

“The power of someone who knows wisdom or has the knowledge they let you be yourself and only change the things or touch the things that can hinder something which can be brought out even more.”

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