Interview: Husky Discuss Writing Music For The Stage

Melbourne folk dogs Husky recently dropped in to Music Feeds Studio to perform some tunes off their brand new album, Ruckers Hill and have a quick chinwag.

Vocalist Husky Gawenda and keyboardist Gideon Preiss say they felt a bit more pressure with the release of their sophomore LP because, all of a sudden, there were people who cared.

“It was a different feeling,” says Gawenda. “You know, the first record we didn’t have that at all, we didn’t really have any sort of audience or, I guess, no one really knew anything about us. This time around, there’s a few people at least who were interested to hear what the second album would be.”

“I suppose writing it and making it with that knowledge – there were some new expectations that we had to deal with. But at the same time, when you sit down to write or record or be creative at all, the idea is to just block out all of that and just do your thing. And I think we managed to do that.”

Preiss adds that, after touring extensively off their first album, the group also learned a lot about playing live, which influenced the direction of LP number two.

“I think we probably wanted to make an album that we thought would be better to bring to the stage,” he explains. “That was something that we thought about this time around.”

And if their live performance at Music Feeds is anything to go by, they’ve certainly been successful there. During their visit, the pair performed new tunes Heartbeat and Saint Joan, the latter of which also just netted the band top spot in the 2014 Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition, awarding them a cool $50,000, courtesy of APRA AMCOS and music company, Alberts.

Husky’s star is most definitely on the rise. After wrapping up a marathon Australian tour for Ruckers Hill, and a bunch of heavy-hitting festival spots to cap off 2014, the band have now announced plans to take on Europe, with a tour announced for May 2015.

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