Interview: I Killed The Prom Queen, Pt. 1 – Jona Talks Break-Ups, Reunions & New Albums

With the third lineup announcement of Soundwave Festival 2014 came not only the news of new headliners for the already stacked lineup, but the addition of Adelaide’s prodigal sons of metal: I Killed The Prom Queen. To get up to speed on what’s been going on behind the scenes of IKTPQ, whose first album since 2008, Beloved, will be unveiled later this month, Music Feeds caught up with guitarist and songwriter Jona Weinhofen.

“I think at the point in time when we did the Say Goodbye tour in 2008, we honestly thought that was it,” Jona told us, when we asked if the band’s split purposely left the door open to a reunion. “We decided we’ll definitely do this last tour and give people a chance to see the band and play our favourite songs…and we did that tour and we all had so much fun that by the end of it we were like, ‘Well that was too fun to say goodbye to.’ Excuse the pun.”

With many members having moved on to new projects, including Jona, who joined UK metalcore outfit Bring Me The Horizon, when it came to deciding whether to continue as I Killed The Prom Queen, Jona said that Jaime Hope was always the number one choice to take over vocal duties and that online chats between himself and guitarist Kevin Cameron precipitated the reformation.

“There weren’t really hesitations,” Jona said of creating a new album and the long wait between records. “We knew what we wanted to do, we knew we wanted to a record. The problem with Prom Queen, traditionally, is that we are a slow band… We just have always been a slow band when it came to writing and recording.”

As for what fans can hear in Beloved, “Once we got into the studio…we found that the way we’ve always written music in the past was the same as now… I don’t even know if I had much control over the music I was writing. It’s just whatever ideas I have and whatever flows out of me, that is Prom Queen.”

‘Beloved’ is released next Friday, 14th February, but you stream it right now, right here!

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