Interview: I Killed The Prom Queen, Pt. 2 – Jona Talks Recording, The Fans & ‘The New Prom Queen’

Jona Weinhofen, guitarist and songwriter for Adelaide-based golden boys of metal, I Killed The Prom Queen, who for many came as a very welcome addition to the third lineup announcement of Soundwave Festival 2014, recently dropped by Music Feeds Studio and took the time to speak with us about what’s been happening behind the scenes since the band reunited and recorded their latest album, Beloved.

In Part 1 of our interview, Jona explained how the reunion came about and how easily the band managed to rediscover their footing. In Part 2 we learn how a rejuvenated Prom Queen, armed with a new vocalist and eager to record new material, ventured to Sweden to record an LP with one of the primary architects of the iconic Gothenburg death metal sound, Fredrik Nordström, known for his work on albums like At The GatesSlaughter of the Soul.

“We picked the studio in Sweden based on the previous album being recording there,” says Jona. “That was the first time just about any Australian heavy band had gone overseas to record an album and we felt that for some reason a lot of studios and engineers here in Australia just didn’t quite understand our music and weren’t able to produce it on a level that was consistent with other bands in the world.”

Jona went on to explain that the band’s reformation hasn’t come with strings attached and that the new Prom Queen simply want to operate like the Prom Queen that fans first fell in love with. “We haven’t made this album and gone, ‘Alright, with this album we need to conquer the world and make a million bucks…’ This album is a bit of a test. We’re five guys that are really good friends and we love making music together. We love to tour…if we get to keep doing what we love, playing music, as a job and career, that’s the staple for us with this record.”

“One of the biggest reasons we did decide to record this album and continue as a band is because we kept noticing over the years that while we were dormant and doing other projects, there were still people asking constantly about Prom Queen,” says Jona. “I’d play a show in Chicago, Illinois and have a guy come up to me and go, ‘Hey, I saw you guys like four years ago when are you doing a new record?’ [I said] ‘I’m in a different band now, you know?'” [laughs] All that constant feedback from fans adds up.”

Check out Part 1 of our interview with Jona from I Killed The Prom Queen!

‘Beloved’ is out now, stream it now, right here!

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