Interview: Indian Summer On The Consequences Of Making Good Music

After they wowed crowds at Splendour In The Grass 2014, Music Feeds managed to steal a few minutes from the very busy boys in Indian Summer, Gabe Gleeson and Chevy Long. The Melbourne natives stopped by Music Feeds Studio to discuss their Splendour experience, their “first proper crowd-surf,” their insane touring schedule, and their plans for the US.

“We walked away feeling really good about it,” says Gabe of the pair’s Splendour outing, with Chevy commenting on the “adrenaline shakes” they felt leaving the stage. According to Chevy, that was the band’s “first real crowd-surfing experience.”

As Gabe recounts, “I jumped off the stage and went up to the barrier to hype people up and got sucked in backwards. We’ve only ever done the kind of events where you get in heaps of trouble for crowd-surfing, so I was like, ‘Oh, this isn’t good.’ But then I just got into it and then Chevy went for a go as well.”

We also discussed the boys’ borderline ridiculous touring schedule, which Gabe explains is just workaholism gone mad. “Over New Year’s we did three festivals in three states in 24 hours. It was Falls Festival, then Field Day, then Wonderland with our buddies in Perth. We love being busy,” he said. An upcoming set of shows will see them flying from Perth to Sydney immediately after a gig, where they will play a boat party, before finishing-up with a club show.

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