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Interview: Jamie T On His Long Break & Turning 180 Songs Into A 12-Track Album

English singer-songwriter Jamie T returned to the fore recently, after a five year absence, to deliver his latest album, Carry on the Grudge. Music Feeds caught up with the Zombie singer during his Australian tour, just after his birthday, to talk about his time away from the scene and to find out just how many extra songs he now has up his sleeve.

Fans were often wondering about Jamie T’s absence during his break after releasing and touring 2009’s Kings & Queens but he said the speculation didn’t really add any extra pressure when he was writing the new album.

After toying briefly with the idea of not making another solo record and going into production, Jamie said his love of writing prevailed in the end. “I really think at the heart of it I enjoy writing songs more than anything…[not making an album] was a thought but a fleeting one,” he explains.

Jamie also confirmed that he penned about 180 songs in the time away and then went through the painful process of culling that down to form a coherent album. “For every album I tend to write a lot of music but having five years off, 180 songs is kind of more than I would usually write for a record,” he explains. “I’m sure some of it will be released along the way at some point.”

Thankfully those long waits between albums seem to be a thing of the past too, with Jamie confirming he can’t see a new record taking another 5 years.

Jamie T’s Australian tour continues this week, hitting Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth — details here.

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