Interview: Jebediah Talk Anniversary Tour And Making It To 20 Years

Australian rock legends Jebediah recently popped into the Music Feeds Studio to give fans at home a peak of what’s store for their upcoming 20th anniversary tour. 20 years together as a band is an important milestone for sure, but thankfully Jebediah told us they always knew they’d get to this point.

“We’ve never really seriously entertained breaking up,” explains singer Kevin Mitchell. “So it’s the golden rule: if you want to spend 20 years in a band just make sure you don’t break up and you can do it too.”

Their upcoming tour will also feature a special treat for longtime Jebediah fans, with the band announcing they will be playing not only fan favourite tracks but will also take on their debut album, Slightly Odway, in full.

“Already the thought of spending two hours onstage, which we’ve never done before, is a little bit frightening,” says Mitchell. “But as much as we’re celebrating our own career, we’re also trying to do something that’s going to excite the people that have followed us for a long time.

“There have been people following us for the whole 20 years and that record we know is close to a lot of people’s hearts and so hopefully we can do it justice and give people a good party.”

Tickets for Jebediah’s 20th anniversary tour are on sale now. See all the dates, here.

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