Interview: Joelistics – “I Like An Element Of Chaos”

It’s about to be a busy couple of weeks for Sydney MC Joel Ma, known to fans as Joelistics, as he heads out on a string of nation-wide tour dates to support his latest record Blue Volume, but luckily we caught up with him just in time to find out what he has in store for fans.

“The live show has always been pretty organic affair for Joelistics,” says the talented rapper and multi-instrumentalist. “So for me it’s about trying to incorporate all of the improv and dynamics of being able to play instruments and putting them into the live show. And also balance that with a cracking club show.”

We also spoke a little about the personal nature of Blue Volume and the many different genres it traverses. That, we find out, stems from Ma’s own diverse music taste dating back to his award-winning high school days playing with punk and hardcore bands.

All this chatter has made us very excited for the Joelistics tour, which continues tonight in Newcastle, and according to Ma himself, no two nights will be the same. “If you’re a performer of hip hop or electronic music even, it’s really easy to become a bit of a self-parody if you’re just doing the same set night after night and saying the same things,” he explains. “That’s not why I got into music, I like an element of chaos.”

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