Interview: KLP On Being The Ultimate Slashie And Her Upcoming Tour With Goldfields

Singer/songwriter/producer/DJ/radio host KLP dropped by the Music Feeds studio to talk about balancing all those damn slashes, and her upcoming tour with Ballarat outfit Gold Fields.

Chatting to Music Feeds’ Luke, Kristy Lee opened up about her multi-faceted place in the industry, saying, “I love DJing but I grew up singing in every different way, I’ve been in a pop group, I’ve written for other people, I’ve sung my own songs. I see myself as more of an entertainer now, someone who is always going to be flexible.”

She also touched on what she considers being a success, saying as long as she’s doing what she loves she considers herself winning: “I mean, a hit song or something would be cool but I don’t really do it for those reasons I do it because that’s what I do. If I woke up one morning and won the lottery, I’d still make music.”

Head here for all the dates and deets on her upcoming tour with Gold Fields.

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