Interview: Lanie Lane -“Celeste Is Like Your Intuition”

Lanie Lane is back and ready to tour Australia once again behind new material from recently released second album, Night Shade. It’s been a couple of year since Lane, and her band, have played this many headlining gigs in one run but the Victorian-based songwriter is feeling confident.

Undergoing a 10-hour rehearsal session, before sitting down with Music Feeds’ Cass Nevin, Lane tells us that everything is sounding good. The real challenge for Lane is leaving the security of her scheduled countryside home.

“I’ve been living a pretty scheduled life, bit of a hermit, which has been awesome. I really love it,” Lane reveals of her time between albums. “I love being in nature and just being away from the modern, stimulating fast-paced world. It’s a bit overwhelming for me sometimes ’cause I’m pretty sensitive.”

Speaking on lead single Celeste, Lane enlightens us the track is not about an actual person but rather a subconscious being. “She’s like your instincts or intuition … she’s kind of like that wise, crone lady that knows the difference between right and wrong, for you.”

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