Interview: LunchMoney Lewis Tells Us His Favourite Albums Growing Up

LunchMoney Lewis is a new name to some, with his recent single Bills going double platinum in Australia and hurling him into the spotlight, but Lunch has been on the scene, pretty much since birth.

Catching up with presenter Luke, Lunch tells us about growing up in a famous musical family (his father and uncle were in Jamaican reggae group Inner Circle, famous for penning the Bad Boys theme song), “I was really young so I never fully.. I just knew my Dad was cool cause I’d see them rehearse and do live shows… and as I got older I got infected with the music.”

Prior to making it big solo Lunch was writing songs for the likes of Nicki Minaj and Fifth Harmony which he tells us was a natural process, “I just always [have] liked writing. Just something I enjoy. Even before the process of being an artist myself, I wasn’t really worried about that. I was really lucky I was working in Miami and working with all the artists there.”

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