Interview: Mark Ronson On Achieving Success Without Selling Out

Mark Ronson has soared to the top of charts around the globe with his funky Bruno Mars-featuring hit Uptown Funk, earning him a whole new legion of fans in the process. According to the multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire himself, he did it all without selling himself out.

“The thing that’s so great about this song is that, I love it as much as anything else I’ve ever done. I’m so proud of it,” says Ronson. “We didn’t go and do some other thing or chase any trends. We made a song of the music we love.”

“It’s pretty wild because I’ve never had any songs anywhere near this level,” he explains. “This for some reason is like a whole other ballgown.” Yes, that’s right, “ballgown”.

In the country now for a whirlwind tour promoting his latest album Uptown Special with a select few DJ sets, Ronson also says he’d “love to come back” for a proper tour with the full band. We hope, in time for a certain festival.

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