Interview: Triple J’s Matt and Alex On 10 Years Of ‘Like A Version’

Triple j will release their 10th Like A Version compilation album tomorrow, Friday 10th October, and in honour of a decade of covers, Music Feeds caught up with breakfast hosts Matt and Alex who gave us the inside scoop on all things Like A Version.

“It’s amazing how many people at the last minute are like, ‘I think we need to print out the lyrics!'” says Matt. “Some people just go in an nail it as well,” adds Alex. “They love the song so much they’ve already got it memorised, like Cloud Control doing Dammit by Blink 182.”

“Although,” interjects Matt, “I think Al got one of the lyrics slightly wrong…testament to him though for going off on his own memory.” Adds Alex, “It’s not about perfection, it’s about a good, live performance…Blink didn’t hit a milk crate with drum sticks either.”

Volume 10 of Like A Version is out Friday, 10th October.

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