Interview: MC Trey – Seeing The ‘Light’

MC Trey, real name Thelma Trey Thomas, has been a fixture in the Sydney hip-hop scene since the 90s. In that time Trey transcended the studio and become an active member, not only of the local community, but Australian society as a whole, helping to bring hip-hop to marginalised youth across the country.

Currently on Trey’s agenda is hosting the Pacific Islands Beach Party at Jurassic Lounge, which will take place on Tuesday, 26th May at the Australia Museum, Sydney. Soon afterward Trey will turn her attention to releasing her currently untitled new EP, due out in May.

The EP has already given us lead single Light, a tale of domestic violence that was taken from a recent tragedy where a young Sydney woman was killed by her partner. Featuring MCs Jae-Tee and The 26th Letter, Light has captured the attention of the media and helps being more awareness of this serious issue.

MC Trey

  • Background on track Journey On (Unplugged At Music Feeds Studio)
  • Pacific Islands Beach Party at Jurassic Lounge
  • Latest single Light, featuring Jae-Tee & The 26th Letter
  • The 26th Letter taking on the role of the perpetrator
  • The issue of domestic violence
  • New EP – due out May

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