Interview: Megan Washington Talks Literal Pop Music And Recording In Space

We recently managed to steal a few minutes from the busy Megan Washington. Having recently wrapped up her August tour in support of new album, There, There, and nabbed a spot on the Falls Festival lineup, our own Mike Hohnen caught Megan just days before she was set to depart for London to begin work on her next album.

We kicked things off by asking Megan about the deeply personal themes on the new album, which she tells us are at the core of all pop music. “The most overwhelming response [from reviewers] has been that it’s very literal, but I think that that’s actually probably what defines pop music in general. Like, I Kissed a Girl is not a metaphor. It’s about kissing a girl. So for me, exploring that literal narrative was more about trying to write in a pop sensibility than actually trying to ‘bear my soul.'”

Megan’s energies are now focused on album number three and Falls Festival, but can fans expect any more tour dates in the meantime? “No, I don’t think so. We’re playing Falls, which is gonna be great, and then we’ll probably do a big tour around the first quarter of next year, I reckon. Because heaps of people on Facebook, who live in regional places, they need a bit of love. Gonna bring ’em real love.”

But before Megan and her crew head to Lorne and Byron Bay, the singer-songwriter has some important business to take care of: “I’m going to London in 10 days to start writing another record.” Megan will eschew any six-month waiting periods this time, she says. “It’s a terrible business model. It just makes four years a really long time.”

Megan Washington’s second album, ‘There, There’, is out Friday, 12th September.

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