Interview: MKO SUN On Brisbane’s Influence On Her Music And Being Inspired By Nightmares

Brisbane producer and singer-songwriter MKO SUN has just released her third EP Opus Opalus, which Music Feeds is thrilled to be streaming in full right here, and sat down with our presenter Luke to chat all about it.

MKO talked about the influence of her hometown of Brisbane on her music and how the vibe impacts her songwriting. telling us “maybe not the most thriving musical hub of Australia but I think that’s kind of cool in some ways as it means there’s less people doing more… it’s a good place to make art.”

She also opened up about a particularly harrowing nightmare which inspired her song Black Seaweed, “where these three tree monsters rose out of a lake” and how she wanted to “recreate that in the video… a more abstract interpretation of the dream.”

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