Interview: Palms Talk The Truth Behind Rock N’ Roll Mythology

Australia’s favourite rowdy pub-rats Palms have just dropped their second full-length LP Crazy Rack and according to frontman Al Grigg, the record’s namesake might be a little less crazy than you would expect.

“I guess it’s funny because when you think Crazy Rack you think drugs or gross fake tits or something, but the reality is, especially for me because I work in a second hand’s clothes shop, it’s just a crazy rack of old ladies dresses,” he explains.

That’s the theme running through the record, explains the frontman, with the band aiming to do a little bit of myth busting and revealing the truth of what it’s actually like being a muso in Australia.

“There’s this sort of rock and roll mythology of sex and drugs and partying every day, but the reality is that pretty much 95 per cent of people that are in bands in Australia all have day jobs.

“There’s the myth and the idea of being in a band and the reality of, like, having to work to get by.”

Which is not to say Palms aren’t making the most of their time away from their day jobs into their music. Al also goes on to chat about the band’s mission to craft a more diverse album with their new-found confidence and backs up Sydney’s resilient arts culture.

Crazy Rack, is out now, so go ahead and bag yourself a copy right here.

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