Interview: Patrick Wolf – The Opera House, Sydney 2012

Patrick Wolf is an alluring, emotionally charged man. He speaks with profusion – oozing extravagance all the time. But he doesn’t necessarily give much away. This is perhaps the reason why he’s managed to sustain a solid 10-year run as a revered singer-songwriter. 

Despite a great deal of ‘tooth and nail’ (as he puts it) from the several record labels he’s danced with, Wolf has somehow managed to dodge the firing line of big producers and ‘have-tos’, creating only what he sees fit to put out – with no compromise.  

With 6 albums under his belt, numerous EPs, collaborations with the likes of Patti Smith and a relentless touring schedule – at just 29 this master of his own destiny says it’s just the beginning…”I think life is about being dissatisfied and continuing, otherwise you’re dead in your heart”.

He’s in Australia to perform a series of intimate acoustic shows for adoring fans. Music Feeds Senior Journalist Patrick Abboud sat down with Wolf for a chat moments before his soundcheck at the Sydney Opera House.

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