Interview: Periphery On Feeling Like A Supergroup

Maryland progressive metal impressionists Periphery were recently in the country, touring with Washingtonian experimentalists Animals As Leaders, and Music Feeds managed to steal a few minutes from guitarist Misha Mansoor to chat about the band’s recent experimental release, Clear, being loved in Australia, and why Misha feels like he’s already in a supergroup.

Misha was relieved to escape the “polar vortex” currently gripping the US’ East Coast and kicked things off by explaining the band’s appreciation for their Aussie fans. “We are well aware of [our Australian fan base]. We kind of keep track of our sales figures and all that and I think the biggest show that we’ve ever headlined to date was a sold out crowd in Melbourne. We’ve never matched numbers like that in the States,” said Misha.

Experimental recording Clear was an exploration of each member’s style of writing, with five of the six tracks created by an individual member, in addition to an inclusive opening track, which linked all six of the styles explored on the record. “It’s not necessarily a situation that would work for every band because not everyone is writing,” Misha tells us. “It was an experiment and it could’ve failed miserably but we got lucky that it didn’t” [laughs]

Misha explained that he also views the release as an opportunity to show off the prowess of his bandmates, saying, “People ask me ‘If you were in a supergroup, what would it be’ and I kind of feel like I am in a supergroup. The guy’s in my band are inspirational to me.”

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