Interview: Phetsta Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 2012

Phetsta joined Shockone on Saturday for his Sydney leg of the Chaos Theory Tour at Oxford Art Factory. Phetsta had his national breakout track in collaboration with Shockone on Cyclone in 2009, garnering huge daytime JJJ airplay, a pretty rare treat for drum and bass music at the time.

UKF has gained Phetsta big recognition, gaining his song Run You Down 150 000 views overnight. As the go-to for finding new bass music, it has been hugely beneficial to have an internationally influential taste-maker behind his music.

The next single will be a dubstep track titled Said and Done featuring Shockone’s sister Reija Lee on vocals, to be released on Kid Kenobi’s label Club Kids. Remixes of the track will be from Mind Electric, Bombs Away, Kid Kenobi and Dr Werewolf.

Mixing one CD of the 2-disc Onelove Dubstep Invasion Volume 3 compilation album allowed Phetsta to push his take on dubstep. In his opinion, although people’s perceptions of dubstep can be quite ‘narrow minded’, it is one of the broadest bass music genres. Phetsta’s influence on the CD focuses on “a lot of vocals, progressive house influences as well as harmonic mixing”. Two thirds of the way through a national tour of the CD, the Dubstep Invasion tour has been getting a great response so far.

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