Interview: Porter Robinson Has A “Love Affair With Australia”

Porter Robinson has been to Australia six or seven times now – he’s not sure of the exact number, but it’s a lot of times. The American producer recently took some time out from touring around Stereosonic 2014 to speak to Music Feeds about the influence of Japanese culture and his love for Australia’s electronic music scene.

“I was just saying on the way over that I wish there was a Sydney in the US,” Robinson revealed. “I definitely have this love affair with Australia.”

Robinson went on to note that Aussie acts such as Flume and Wave Racer have had a huge impact on American producers, and that he still finds himself fanboying when he’s hanging out with the former.

Robinson also detailed the music video for Lionhearted, a track from his debut album Worlds, saying it was heavily influenced by Japanese culture. “I think that my nostalgia for that stuff is really intense,” he said.

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