Interview: PVT Talk Debut Album, Anniversary Shows And New Music

It’s been a decade since the release of PVT‘s debut album Make Me Love You and they’re simultaneously celebrating with a number of anniversary live shows as well as looking forward to their forthcoming fifth record.

Lawrence and Richard Pike of PVT spoke to Music Feeds about the new record and their first album saying that it’s actually easier to play their new songs live than their old ones as they prepare to play a handful of shows covering all their whole career.

“It’s actually quite a lot of work to put together stuff from the first record because obviously the lineup for the band changed pretty significantly almost as soon as that first record came out,” said Lawrence.

“That’s a challenge in itself, it obviously takes a lot of time.”

As for what the new music entails, the brothers say that we should expect PVT’s new record sometime next year and it’s sounding more electronic that what they’ve done in the past.

“The new one sounds a lot more digital than we ever had before and a lot more electronic,” said Richard.

“But also it’s quite human sounding. I think we always try and aspire to make things that are organic,” added Lawrence.

“A lot of contemporary electronic music for my money doesn’t have much of a human…have soul. It’s very easy to get lost in editing and extracting the humanity out of things.”

Those heading along to the PVT shows will hear music from all of their records including some fresh tunes from the forthcoming album. They’re set to play a special show at Melbourne Music Week at the former Royal Women’s Hospital.

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