Interview: Raury Talks Creative Youth And Peace-Making Music

18-year-old Atlanta singer-songwriter Raury recently made his first trip to Australia to perform as part of Laneway Festival 2015, alongside two sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne, but had the energy to sit down with Music Feeds for a chat.

“I have so much energy for everything right now, and it’s so amazing… I could probably do like two shows in one day,” Raury suggested, before talking over the fundamental meaning behind his 2014 mixtape Indigo Child.

Indigo Child is a literal ode to my generation,” Raury said. “…a literal example of what an indigo child can do and create, with myself being the example… We’re a lot more awesome and creative and capable of amazing things than people think. The future is in amazing hands.”

Raury discussed his song Fly — which he has called an ode to the “wrongfully murdered” — with the recent race tensions in Ferguson, Missouri fresh in his memory. “If anything were to be said about [Ferguson], it needs to come from an 18-year-old black boy… something really monumental needs to take places from the eyes and the hands of the youth,” Raury said.

Catch up on what went down at Raury’s Sydney Laneway sideshow with our full review.

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