Interview: Regular John On Music Feeds, Sydney 2012

It has been a long, long time between drinks for fans of Sydney’s Regular John. After a bit of a lineup change saw the band sidelined for a while, they have returned, full strength and bearing a new album and a whole stack of tour dates.

Speaking with frontman Ryan, Feeds got to the bottom of the name attached to the 2012 release. Strange Flowers had several key influences: relationships, reality, psychedelic experiences and everything in between. “What strange flowers humans would make,” Ryan adds as he explains the mental image of humans being buried after death in the earth just like seeds.

The band has taken a much more open-ended approach to the new album. Being one guitarist down, they found that in the studio less really is more. Rather than having another guitar to compete with, their current axe-man had more room to explore and it also cleared room for the percussion to shine through. Though synths were experimented with in the band’s prior release, there was much more scope for the atmospheric depth it provides in Strange Flowers.

September 14 is when the album will finally drop and the band has already announced a detailed run of shows in support of the release. Be sure to catch the show and see the new and improved Regular John.

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