Interview: The Riptide Movement On Taking Their Music To The World Stage

Irish foursome The Ridtide Movement have been together for almost 10 years but their latest album Getting Through has catapulted them onto the world stage and found them a fanbase here in Australia.

The band spoke to Music Feeds about how it feels to have their hard work finally paying off and what to expect from their next album which is apparently already in the works.

“We’ve been together for 10 years. The goal is to try and make a living out of this eventually,” said drummer Gar Byrne, acknowledging that while they’re doing alright they’re hoping to push the band even further.

“ACDC weren’t lying were they? It’s a long way to the top,” added vocalist Mal Tuohy.

It seems like the top may not be too far off though with the band telling us to expect a new album around next June, one that they’re calling their best yet.

“It feels like the sound…it’s a bit more mature and rounded,” Tuohy said.

“It feels like we’re growing with every album and with this one the songwriting is better, the lyrics are better, the basic art is better…It feels like this is the album we’ve been working towards over the last 10 years.”

Their last album Getting Through dropped in 2014 and was the first to be released outside their home country of Ireland.

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