Interview: Rise Against Talk Australian Headline Tour Plans

Though they’re already balls deep inside an Australian tour with the mighty Foo Fighters, American melodic hardcore company Rise Against have begun plotting a headlining tour to our shores, hopefully before 2015 is out.

“[It’s] in the works,” bassist Joe Principe tells Music Feeds. “We’re trying to get back to Australia maybe at the end of the year, but nothing’s set in stone or anything yet.”

“We’re gonna keep touring on this record,” adds drummer Brandon Barnes. “[We’re] having fun playing the new songs and being a band.”

The new record in question is 2014’s The Black Market, which the lads say is being lapped up by their Aussie fans on the Fooies tour. “A support slot is not always fun on a lot of tours,” explains Barnes. “But this tour’s been great, we’ve had a lot of our fans coming out… Feels good.”

The positive reception must be a breath of fresh air to the band, who are no strangers to stirring up controversy. The rhythm section also reminisced with Music Feeds about a controversial tour which saw them cause trouble at a couple of festivals.

“There was an army sponsorship of the tour and the way we saw it, they were sort of recruiting kids at the music festival [Warped Tour],” Brandon says. “Just the way they were going about just made it seem like that wasn’t the right time and place.”

“I think Tim [McIlrath, vocalist] was kind of vocal about not thinking that was right, and then some of our fans took it upon themselves to throw water bottles full of pee at the guys.”

Principe confirms, “There was two occurrences. That was Warped Tour. You’re talking about SunFest, where the army was sponsoring the stage. We got pulled off that.”

“[The army] actually left the Warped Tour because of us, because of the kids throwing bottles of pee.”

Rise Against have announced a one-off headlining show in Perth this Sunday, 7th March, before their tour with Foo Fighters wraps. Check out their other remaining Aussie tour dates, here.

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