Interview: San Cisco – The Quiet Before The Storm

Don’t let their youthful looks fool you: San Cisco are one seriously well-experienced band. Hailing from WA, the group have successfully spread their upbeat, dangerously catchy brand of indie pop not only throughout Australia, but throughout the entire world.

Founding members Jordi and Scarlet stopped by for a chat with the Music Feeds team as they gear up for a massive tour in support of their debut album. Debut albums are a funny thing, as we discuss with the band, who had a lot to get used to, including long stretches in recording studios, writing in recording studios, and equalling the hype kicked up around the band from their mega hit Awkward.

The tunes found on the album are certain to soundtrack many a summer adventure. That took Jordi by surprise, as he explains that he always thought the songs were a bit depressing. One thing’s for sure, the band have matured exponentially. The final result is a self-titled album that stands on its own without being propped up by the band’s past success.

Touring is another hot topic with San Cisco, who are very quickly learning the pros and cons of touring. Check out the interview for some of their tour dramas.

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