Interview: Shady Lane At Bigsound 2012

Taking the stage on the Wednesday night of BIGSOUND Live, Shady Lane have many surprises in store for fans, including a guest drummer from their close friend band Richard In Your Mind.

Chatting to Music Feeds about their latest studio effort Built Guilt, the band explain how even though some people might be over analysing the release, there is still a concept of confronting one’s demons and extinguishing them. The concept of monsters carried beyond the lyrics of the album, and into the visual additions, with the first clip effort being a crazy portrayal of a very confused puppet.

As the members discuss, one of the only hiccups around the album was translating it to a live setting. As the release was mostly recorded in bedrooms, there was a totally different energy pattern between its vibe and what was needed to be brought on stage, though the band has since mastered their live renditions.

Now with two releases under their belt, the band has begun work on their third concoction. Though the release is still some time away, Shady Lane have chosen to continue down the previously explored electronic route.

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