Interview: Sietta – Soulful Conversations

Sietta are Darwin duo Caiti Baker (vocals) and James Mangohig (producer/instrumentalist) whose blend of soul, hip-hop and electronic beats make for tunes that are just as likely to move your head as they are your heart.

After the release of 2011 LP The Seventh Passenger, Sietta put out 2012’s The Dark Passenger, an EP that saw stripped-back versions of impactful tracks such as Dark Passenger and I Was a Queen.

Stopping by Music Feeds Studio a few days before their Australia Day performance at Sydney’s Festival Of The Voice, Sietta chattered about aiming for more precision in their live shows, moving towards a more stripped-back sound as heard on the Dark Passenger EP, and being a part of the Elefant Traks family.


Festival Of The Voice – Sietta’s First Gig of 2013

• Thoughts on Australia Day

• Stripped-back Songwriting on New Record

• Precision vs Raw Energy

• Australian Soul Artists Influences

• Elefant Traks – Being Part of the Family

• Elefant Traks Artists Working on Sietta’s New Album

• Australian Tour 2013

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