Interview: Silverstein – “This Is A Way To Push Ourselves Further”

Post-hardcore figures Silverstein were recently in town for a run of shows supporting their latest album This Is How The Wind Shifts. Prior to their show at Sydney’s Manning Bar, we pulled the dudes aside to get the skinny on all things Silverstein.

Few bands have shown their Aussie fans respect like this particular outfit. Over the years Silverstein has managed to perform on our stages a crazy 7 times, with this latest tour being the 7th. It seems it’s not just the weather that keeps pulling them back, but also the fans and the shows, so much so that the band is willing to put up with the process of travelling to Australia. “It really is an event getting here,” they explain.

Fans were treated to a full-blown concept album when Wind Shifts was released. The album follows one particular story but from the eyes of several different people. We chat with the boys about how this challenge was overcome and whether or not there was a trade off with the musicality of the album in order to make the story flow more smoother. “They music was always there,” they say.

The band seemed a little bit uncomfortable with being referred to as a ‘gateway band’ for fans of metal but soon realise that there’s some pride in the label of ‘the marijuana of alternative music’.

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