Interview: Sound Of Seasons – New EP ‘Make Believe’ And Australian Dates

Having only been a band for 2 years now, Sound of Seasons has quickly become one of the most prolific alternative bands to come out of Sydney in recent years. Having released a number of singles over the past 24 months, the lads are stoked to announced their debut EP Make Believe, which will be dropping Sept 21.

Though the band still holds their satellite singles dear, the EP will be a huge step forward. With a multi-track release, the lads now have a distinct, unique sound they can attribute to their music, rather than having to round off a list of similar bands to explain their vibe. Panic! At The Disco, Piece The Veil, are names the lads had no option to mention when asked ‘how do you describe your sound?’ though now with the EP almost fresh from the print, they can proudly say ‘this…this is what we sound like’.

For such young bucks, the dudes are no strangers to the highways of Australia. Having embarked on a bunch of tours before, Sound of Seasons will once again hit the road to take the EP to live stages all over Australia, hitting some places for the first time entirely, and others for the first time as headliners. The gang is putting all their chips on the line, and given the sheer pace at which they’ve risen over the past 2 years, you won’t want to be the dude betting against them.

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