Interview: SPOD – “I Want To Do A Suburban Depression Trilogy”

“You just put on some two-minute noodles and you look at them and you remember when you were 16, you put on two-minute noodles, and you remember all the dreams that were inside those two-minute noodles” – with his two-minute noodle dreams now long gone, Sydney’s SPOD decided it was time to make some adjustments to his back catalogue, reworking his 2003 self-described classic, Taste the Radness, as the more melancholy Taste the Sadness.

We recently caught up with the titular main man in SPOD to talk about his new, morose take on his 2003 debut, how it related to the dissolution of Bluejuice, getting dementia, and his plans to create what’s he’s dubbed a “Suburban Depression Trilogy”.

“When I made [Taste the Radness] I thought, ‘If I’m not dead in 10 years, I’m gonna make a real bummer of a record that’s the same.’ Because I kind of figure everyone packs it in,” Spod tells us. “Bluejuice are kind of from around the same time I started and they packed it in. They couldn’t take the heat. So I’m around, I’m taking the heat. I’m getting old and I wanna talk about it.”

“I just thought it would be fun to project the album, in a way… because the first album was really lighthearted and fun and a party-focused, youthful kind of thing. So I thought it’d be fun to do it from a place where you don’t wanna get out of bed and you’re too old to do anything and all your friends have had kids and everyone’s dying,” he continues.

When we prompt him to describe how the album differs from the happy-go-lucky original, Spod explains, “It’s a massive bummer. It’s like as if Harry Nilsson came and, without all of his supreme talent, remade my album. The first one was just all done on a sampler and a drum machine and this one was just all done on pianos and strings and all that sort of stuff. Very mature, very adult.”

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