Interview: Steve Aoki – Future Music Festival 2013

Legend of all things electro, Steve Aoki is a regular feature here Down Under and the LA producer has once again returned as a key feature of the Future Music Festival of 2013.

Now, I’ll be lying if I said that this interview went the way I was planning it to go. After chatting for a bit about his soft spot for Australia and what has caused it (it’s the fans, by the way) Steve shed some light on his previous life. Many people may not know, but Aoki was originally into hardcore punk, putting on shows at his house and immersing himself in the underground scene.

Though that is still a part of him, Steve explains that he’s moved on, he’s evolved onto different things – namely his forthcoming sophomore album. We scratch the surface of what we can expect from the release, but it’s not going to stop there. He will be producing a single with long-time collaborator Borgore, and from there he will be working with one of the Soundwave Festival 2013 headliners on a mash-up record. Which one? You’ll have to watch for a clue.

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