Interview: Sticky Fingers The Annandale Hotel, Sydney 2012

In between rehearsals, MusicFeedsTV met with Sticky Fingers at the Annadale hotel. Their gig at the Annadale hotel this Friday, 6th July will show off a number of new compositions and is set to go off in the usual chaos that the band has become renowned for. The title single from their highly anticipated début album, Caress your Soul, is due for release this Friday. With a smooth production treatment on the track, the band is still work-shopping the song for live performance. Despite being ranked number 8 on the Unearthed radio charts, the band gives little credence to the song’s position, instead seeing the channel as a good platform for listeners to get a free download of their music. They would much prefer people enjoy their music live and get down and party.

Sometimes described in genre as reggae surf music, the eclectic nationalities of the band include Kiwi, British, Maldy, Brazilian and First Fleet, leading them to describe themselves quite harshly as mongrels. Struggling to find a platform for the music, the band took matters into their own hands, and during the Newtown Festival set up their own music stage at a nearby house, guerrilla style, to spark the interest of nearby attendees. The stunt pulled dividends with Sticky Fingers being added to the bill the following year.

“Growing up and partying in Newtown we always wanted to play the festivals. We submitted an application for the first 2 years but got knocked back. Then on the 3rd year we decided that, well, we have a mate Jacob who has a backyard which is virtually inside the festival. So we just got a bunch of milk crates and plywood and set up a stage in the backyard, hired out a sound system and unofficially headlined the festival from the back yard… The following year they invited us back for a prime spot on the main stage.”

Producer Dan Hulme happened to see the spectacle, and enjoying the band’s raw energy, offered to produce their new album. Asking for multiple parts for each instrument, Sticky Fingers feel that Hulme has really put his stamp on the band’s music, although these ideas reflected what the band were going for as well.

Check out Sticky Finger’s party this Friday at the Annandale Hotel with support slots from: The Medics, Underlights, Rapids, and Beef Jerk.

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