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Interview: Sydonia – “We Were Completely Broke”

Melbourne’s powerhouse alt metallers Sydonia have continued on from their cracking start to their year, bringing their album, Reality Kicks, to stages across the country, alongside good friends HELM and Red Bee. Despite their packed schedule, Dana Roskvist and Sam Haycroft kindly freed up some time to chat with us here at Music Feeds.

It’s a special tour for the Melbourne band, having been funded in part by the fans themselves. “Once you start forming the idea, people get amongst it. Especially the way we’ve had to do it,” explained Sam. “We were broke. Completely broke. We had the album done and we couldn’t even rehearse. People sort of go: ‘Hey how are they going to get to our town if they can’t even rehearse?’. So they helped out.”

The album is a collection of the best 13 songs they had written during the seven years between releases. “We just kept writing, in between all these tour we were doing,” said Dana. “We were just so busy that we just kept writing and writing and writing that so many songs dropped by the wayside. By the end, we sort of looked at all of our strongest songs and said we’ll just record those.”

The boys even had the inside dish on mates Slipknot. But you’ll have to watch to see.

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