Interview: Tales in Space (With Live Cover Fleet Foxes’ ‘White Winter Hymnal’)

When it comes to their music Tales in Space (Aka Simon Widaur and Luke Bertoz) are self-confessed synth nerds. In the comfort of their studio, they developed their programming skills due to a lack of a drummer at the time, eventually deciding to keep this sound element as part of their live sound.

In their music video Corn Flower Simon and Luke don lab coats and experiment with placing a mixture of water and cornflour on a speaker while playing a sub-sine wave frequency (60Hz to be precise) to produce an interesting visual effect.

The instrumental track will be included on their forthcoming album, but compared to other tracks is quirkier, making us wonder what to expect from the full album. According to the band, first and foremost we can expect more vocals, saying, “It’s got vocals in it.… We just love playing with samples and creating sounds….the other songs are quite guitar driven.”

As a live performance act Tales in Space incorporates loops, samples, synths, and live drumming as well as guitars and bass to create a diverse listening experience for audiences. The samples are largely self-created through a process of sampling sounds and synthesizers, chopping the audio up and recycling sounds to make them as unique as possible in a process similar to collage artwork. No doubt a tantalizing mixture of elements are soon set to treat our ear buds.

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