Interview: Tame Impala – Together in ‘Lonerism’

Lonerism, the second studio album from Perth psychedelic pack Tame Impala is due out this Friday, October 5. Ahead of its impending release, Music Feeds caught up with lead singer Kevin Parker and guitarist Dom Simper to discuss the highly anticipated follow-up to 2010′s InnerSpeaker.

What followed was an insight into the band’s mentality on the dangers of creating music to maintain a ‘rock star’ existence, the freedoms afforded by not limiting themselves to genre, and the new life that songs take when performed onstage. Simper offers praise to Parker’s songwriting chops, explaining that no depth of musical exploration is beyond Tame Impala with Parker at the helm. Meanwhile Parker himself talks of the necessity of outside guidance in helping him step away from a song and considering it finished.

What is self-evident from watching Parker and Simper settle into the couch is the laid-back vibe of the two young musicians. Seemingly unfettered from the hype surrounding Lonerism, Tame Impala’s confidence is one not born of cockiness, but is instead the result of a genuine relationship with music where songs are written and played not for fame or fortune but to satisfy a yearning for creativity and communication.

With fans well-acquainted with single Elephant and soon to get their hands on Lonerism in its entirety, Parker and Simper reveal that Feels Like We Only Go Backwards will be Tame Impala’s new single due out next month (probably) and that the WA five-piece will be embarking on a national tour come December (hopefully).

Directed, filmed and edited by Daniel Taylor

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