Interview: The Cairos On Touring Asia, Romance & The Future

Queensland boys The Cairos are back, fresh from touring the UK and Asia on the back of their debut album Dream Of Reason. Alistair and Ruben sat down with Music Feeds to talk about channeling Chinese warlords and Spanish artists in their new music.

“Highlights: Beijing,” says Alistair, when asked about the tour just finished. “Getting to play in China was unreal.” Unsurprising, since they played in a warlord’s “garden shed”, with security looking on.

The culture injections don’t end there. The Cairos discuss taking the title of their new album from a painting by Spanish romantic artist Fransisco Goya, The Sleep Of Reason, that Alistair saw on a trip to Spain, and the weighty themes that the album deals with – alienation, madness and art.

When they aren’t reflecting on the nature of existence, The Cairos are touring. They say the scene is “constantly changing”. “When we started playing, it was all about the indie haircuts and skinny, skinny, skinny jeans … Now when we play, the bands supporting aren’t playing jangly pop; they’re playing ambient psych.”

The Cairos will play Northcote Social Club in Melbourne tomorrow, 20th December, and Woodford Folk Festival from 29th to 30th December.

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