Interview: The Chariot – Soundwave 2013

Josh from The Chariot…what an absolute mad dog – something the Music Feeds team found out when he stopped by at Soundwave Sydney to chat shop, and explain just what happened to his face…

After a bit of a mishap with the mic at a show before, Josh copped an impressive wound. The story might gross some people out, as he does mention a lot of blood, but fuck it – it’s hilarious.

You might remember the last time The Chariot performed Down Under back in 2011. Just two shows in to what was the maiden voyage, the band were kicked out of the venue mid set for a very, very mild offense. The band ended up finishing their set at a fan’s house, which was one of the most out-of-control things to ever happen in Perth.

Holding no grudge against us, the band have returned for Soundwave 2013. They will be playing the festival, as well as a run of sideshows with Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce The Veil, which is a fairly eclectic line-up, but we agree with Josh when he says it’ll go down real well.

I know, I know. When will The Chariot be releasing a new album? Well, we asked Josh and he has an answer for us: despite constantly touring and writing at the same time, the band won’t be gearing up for a release until next year, but it’s sure as hell going to be worth the wait.

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