Interview: The Dead Daisies Talk Playing With KISS And New Album

We sat down with The Dead Daisies to chat playing with KISS and how their new album is inspired by Cuba.

John and Mark sat down with our presenter Harry to talk about their long-running friendship with KISS, saying “we were in Europe for almost five weeks with them and it was awesome. It was Summertime and… yeah it was cool. We were all friends, Gene is Mr practical joker. It’s like being with old friends.”

Touching on new album Revolućion, the guys told us about their recent tour to Cuba, being the first American band to perform there in decades, and how it inspired them: “We didn’t realise the magnitude, the importance of it… the idea came up of using the trip as a focus on the album and as a marketing tool and we just embraced it.”

Check out our review of the album right here!

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