Interview: The Good Ship At Bigsound 2012

Now with their sophomore album having safely set sail, the crew members of Brisbane’s The Good Ship, Brett (captain) and John, dropped by the Music Feeds team for a bit of a chat prior to their BIGSOUND Live performance.

O’ Exquisite Corpse, as the album is titled, is a particularly loaded release. Comprising of 8 members in total, The Good Ship allow all their members to take the helm in the studio, encouraging one another to bring to the table the elements they would like to incorporate. The result was an album that discusses themes such as death, murder and prostitution, in a humourous, light-hearted way.

Though the band will have you believe that they were invited to the event because they ‘suck and blow a lot’, the truth would probably be closer to something about their high-energy, interactive live performance. The audience becomes a mere prop for the folk horde who have earned a rep as one of the hardest-gigging bands in the land, or well, in the seas.

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