Interview: The Grates On Taking Back The Reins Of Their Own Band

Brisbane indie-rock outfit The Grates are just days away from releasing their fourth studio album, Dream Team, which they’ve decided to do all on their own via their shiny new label imprint Death Valley. The DIY move, explain the band, came from a desire to have control once more.

“We just wanted to take the reins on the band a little bit more again,” explains band member Patience Hodgson. “It’s also just fun to learn and it’s fun having those little problems that you have to overcome.”

Part of their decision to get the album out quickly, on Friday, November 28th to be precise, is due to Patience’s pregnancy and the fact that she’s going to “push out a human” very soon. “Part of it came down to timing because I’m pretty pregnant at the moment and it just felt good to get an album out before I had the baby,” she explains.

The album is produced by Straight Arrows’ frontman Owen Penglis and the band have already shared one of its tracks Holiday Home. The Grates also explain that on this record they were happy to be trusting their own instincts and not anyone else in the recording process. “We’ve done it completely different to how we’ve done any previous albums. So just like, even with little things like recording to tape more, and not using any click tracks and having it be way more organic,” says Patience.

“We didn’t need to hear how it was going to sound to know what it was going to be,” adds her husband and fellow band member John Patterson. “We already knew what we wanted to do.”

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