Interview: The Knocks – Debriefing With The DJs

New York duo The Knocks are currently touring Australia for the very first time. Made up of DJ/Producers Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “Jpatt” Patterson, The Knocks brand of happy-go-lucky high energy electronic music is well suited to Australian audiences who have a tendency to cut loose.

Although most commonly known for their cathy dance anthem Dancing With The DJ, there’s more to the The Knocks than their easy-going party tunes might imply. Coming up as hip hop producers and well-versed in pop, The Knocks have integrated their former styles into electronic jams with indie sensibilities.

The Knocks are constantly looking to push the boundaries of electronic song structure and break out of standard sequencing patterns while at the same time still remaining accessible. With hopes to collaborate with the likes of Bag Raiders, Flight Facilities and currently working with 96 Bulls, The Knocks upcoming debut LP should prove diverse and danceable.

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