Interview: The Owls At Fat As Butter 2012

Having now ticked off not one, but two Fat As Butter performances, Music Feeds caught up with up-and-comers The Owls just as they got off stage from their performance at this year’s FAB.

The boys got it right. It was a very warm day. Starting off the conversation with a rundown of what’s changed both with the festival and with the band since their last appearance at the Newcastle-based festival, The Owls – now performing with a new bass player – discuss how the festival has changed, whilst staying true to its ethos.

Swamp Love
marks the latest release from the band. What is interesting about this release is that it’s effectively the 2nd attempt at the EP. Previously the band had worked in an elaborate studio with a big name producer, but upon hearing the tracks, they decided to scrap the whole thing and run with a more DIY approach to the release – in a shed with their own gear. The boys tell us their reasoning behind ditching the initial recordings, and why they went a different route.

The final product very much pleases the band, who will now be taking the release on tour.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Daniel Taylor

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