Interview: The Tea Party On MFTV, Sydney 2012

MusicFeedsTV caught up with Jeff Martin and Stuart Chatwood from legendary Canadian rock outfit The Tea Party midway through their ‘Reformation Tour’ of Australia. The band is back on the road after an extended seven-year hiatus that many feared was the end of the highly successful band. The Tea Party have now gone through a purging or exorcism of sorts since they fell out of favour with eachother, sending the band off on their own trajectories. Jeff Martin explains the naming of the tour, saying:

We’re certainly purging the animosity that the three of us probably felt for eachother. I mean, the break up wasn’t easy … the friendship is back now and the music is, if I dare say it, like the band: stronger and better then ever. There’s a maturity now about it that’s coming through in the live performances, and a confidence as well.

Continuing on with the theme of Reformation, a parallel can be drawn between the historical-religious figure Martin Luther and The Tea Party as they were both responsible for stripping away “a lot of decorations” to help bring their worlds back down to earth. It just so happens that for the band those basics elements include more exotic instruments. Most importantly, the essential element of the band’s live performance is to be genuine and deliver heartfelt yet passionate live performances. In a somewhat elusive yet enigmatic comment by Jeff Martin, you will find yourself re-examining the lyrics and possible meanings behind their song Temptation after he comments:

When you’re up on stage and you’re singing the words to a song like Temptation you have to have lived it and be living it. But all things in moderation, including moderation, as the French say.

Mysterious messages aside, the reforming of the band relied on each of the band members first being able to get their own individual personalities out of the way. Thankfully, practical sense prevailed as The Tea Party let the music do the talking, which was clearly a much more powerful way to connect rather then verbal communication.

This Saturday night The Tea Party will perform their biggest show of their Australian tour schedule at the Hordern Pavilion.

Remaining Australian Performances include:

Saturday 21st July — Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Tuesday 24th July — Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Thursday 26th July — Metro City, Perth

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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